Our international commitment: “Investing for the community”

As the first Austrian project company of Meridiam Group, Bonaventura is part of a large international network of expertise in infrastructure knowledge.

Meridiam, a French investment and infrastructure management company, designs, finances and operates over 100 projects worldwide in the core sectors of mobility, energy transition and social infrastructure and is committed to its guiding principle of “investing for the community” (“investir pour la collectivité”). This long-term commitment, and the alignment of all Meridiam projects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, creates clear added value for project partners and future generations.

Meridiam’s partners benefit from a transfer of knowledge and expertise in all project phases. These projects are in various stages of development, from design and construction to operation and maintenance, and are located in 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and Africa. The company has raised about €7 billion in capital and operates seven investment funds managing projects with a total value of around €60 billion. This stable investment background allows Meridiam to consistently focus on sustainability, state-of-the-art technologies and innovative financing.

Focus on sustainability

Meridiam Group makes investment decisions based on whether a project contributes to the sustainable development of a business location or country. Case Study: Solar Power Plant, Senegal



The Bonaventura team participates in several international working groups, constantly taking note of which of the newest technologies employed in Meridiam’s various projects could also be adopted for use in Austria. Case Study: Port of Miami Tunnel, Florida


Innovative financing

During a project’s inception, financing models are developed with the help of bonds, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and credit insurance in a constant effort to reduce the financing cost. Case Study: Waste to Energy, Poland


PPP: a value-added partnership for the future

With the right private partners, a PPP becomes a value-added partnership that is characterised by mutual trust and has the aim of providing public services in a way that is both economical and efficient. The distribution of tasks and responsibilities is precisely regulated by contract. In short: a PPP can be a constructive value-added partnership for all parties involved.


Advantages for public-sector clients

Quality, speed and efficiency

Private partners are committed to quality, cost-effective management and on-schedule delivery, so construction projects are usually completed much faster and more efficiently.


Financing and cost reduction

Private partners are not bound to annual budgets but invest for the long term over the entire project cycle. This enables them to use their funds to maintain the infrastructure with foresight and preventive action. That saves costs in the long run.


Cost transparency for the benefit of the taxpayer

Private partners must specify the costs of construction, operation and maintenance in advance. This creates planning certainty across the entire project term. Private partners also bear the risk for cost overruns.



The public-sector partner retains ownership and control of the project without having to become involved in the operational side.


Meridiam as partner

Today, locally and for future generations. Founded in 2005 by Thierry Déau, Meridiam is a trusted partner for the development, financing and maintenance of infrastructure projects. The internationally active company specialises in mobility and transport infrastructure (road, rail, air traffic, ports, inland waterways), environmental infrastructure (biomass, biogas and solar power plants, energy transition, etc.) and public building construction (schools, hospitals, retirement homes, etc.).

As an independent infrastructure fund, Meridiam develops and finances public private partnership (PPP) projects as well as other infrastructure projects with terms of 25 years and more. The company has a team of 300 experts working for it in Paris, New York, Istanbul, Toronto, Dakar, Luxembourg, Addis Ababa, Amman and Vienna with many years of experience in the development, financing and active asset management of infrastructure projects.

Send your project enquiry to our Vienna office

Bonaventura Managing Director Martin Schlor is available as Meridiam’s contact in Austria for public-sector enquiries. We look forward to receiving your project enquiry!

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