Responsible infrastructure management
The company at a glance

With the A5 motorway, Austria’s first public-private partnership (PPP) project in the national primary road network, Bonaventura shows how transport infrastructure and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand. As the first Austrian project company of Meridiam Group, Bonaventura delivered international expertise in the field of sustainable infrastructure management from the very beginning.

This comprised the financing, detailed design and construction of the southern section of the A5 Nordautobahn, also known as Project Y, from Eibesbrunn to Schrick/Mistelbach South, as well as the adjoining sections of the S1 and S2. The motorway was opened to traffic in two stages in late 2009 and early 2010. Bonaventura is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the route until 2039. At the end of the concession contract, the asset will be handed over to ASFINAG in a predefined state.

ASFINAG makes annual payments, depending on the road availability and traffic data, to cover the project volume of nearly €1 billion invested by Bonaventura.

Bonaventura is also committed to Meridiam’s guiding value of “investing for the community”, which unites entrepreneurial creativity with long-term responsibility for future generations. This also means constantly improving existing projects so they create value for society as a whole. Out of a sense of responsibility for people and the environment, and with the long-term goal of climate neutrality, the company is involved in several projects along the route through the Weinviertel. As part of its long-term commitment, Bonaventura makes an active contribution to the quality of life in the region in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Portalbereich  Tunnel Tradenberg

Tunnelwäsche Tunnel Stetten

Motorway operation

In the current phase until the end of the concession in 2039, Bonaventura’s main tasks are the safe operation and preventive maintenance of the motorway to ensure the continuous, uninterrupted availability of the road network for the user. The maintenance works are managed by specialists who are exclusively dedicated to this task. A team of more than 40 people at the motorway maintenance depot near the Eibesbrunn junction sees to it that the motorway, the peripheral areas and all technical facilities are maintained in perfect condition. They perform all maintenance and repair work and carry out daily operations, including all accompanying services such as snow clearance, landscape maintenance, traffic monitoring and much more.

As concession holder, Bonaventura is responsible for operating and maintaining facilities covering a total of 830 hectares until the year 2039. Of this amount, 238 hectares consist of ecological compensation sites and other greenspaces. This makes Bonaventura one of the largest greenspace managers in the region – a task and responsibility that Bonaventura proactively performs with a sustainable land management approach.

Future and vision

For Bonaventura, however, it is not enough to simply carry out the core task of operating and maintaining the motorway until the end of the concession period. The company has also set itself the goal of making the project a showcase in several respects.

On the one hand, the aim is to prove that the interests of business, society and the environment can be reconciled in such a way that none of these fields dominates at the expense of the others. On the other hand, Austria’s first privately financed, designed, built, operated and maintained motorway should also demonstrate that the partnership between the public sector and private partners is perfectly feasible in this country as well – as a constructive partnership that offers added value, planning certainty and long-term responsibility for future generations.

The Bonaventura Team

The strategic and operational management of Bonaventura Infrastruktur GmbH is in the hands of Martin Schlor (Managing Director) and Peter Pelz (Technical Managing Director). The two infrastructure experts not only share a long professional career, but also a love of creating, a dynamic understanding of leadership and the vision of “greening” the motorway.

Mag. Martin Schlor
Managing Director

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pelz
Technical Managing Director

Motorway Maintenance Depot
Rudolf Achter
Managing Director Bonaventura Services

Motorway Maintenance Depot
Bernd Geppert
Depot Manager

Working at Bonaventura

As a regional employer with an international background, we offer structure, planning certainty, agility, information transparency, a strong sense of teamwork and crisis-proof jobs for nearly 50 employees in administration, environmental management and operations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to enquire about current vacancies.